Premium Geisha Coffee from Panama

Premium Geisha coffee beans from Panama make a great espresso

In the past, people used to drink coffee to stay alert and awake. Now, there are many other reasons to enjoy drinking coffee. For coffee lovers, it would be a chance of a lifetime to taste one of the most expensive coffees across the globe. This comes from Boquete, the coffee capital of Panama. Here is where you will find the best coffee producers worldwide. Visiting the place will allow you to tour the coffee farms, the processing factories known as beneficio, the tasting facilities and the roasting plants. You will learn the whole process of coffee making, right from the start, when it is planted, to the time it is brewed.

History of Panama’s Special Coffee

Despite the 1996 crisis in low international coffee prices, the group of coffee producers in Boquete and Volcan saw this as an opportunity for Panama’s coffee industry. This paved the way for the birth of Panama’s Specialty Coffee Association. Since they cannot compete with other countries in terms of quantity, they competed with the quality of their coffee beans.

Even when another crisis came around from 2000 to 2001, more coffee producers were drawn to the specialty market. In 2004, one of Panama’s coffees was chosen as the best coffee worldwide. As they continued to improve the quality of their coffee, other coffee farms won in several international competitions.

The Best Coffee in the World

In 1998, Boquete experienced severe rains, which left it with a plague of fungus. Hacienda Esmeralda lost most of its coffee plants, with only 3 left, one of which is the Geisha.

It takes 5 years for coffee plants to reach their maximum potential. So, Peterson, a farm owner, decided to plant only the 3 strongest varieties. In the past, a plant with the same name was planted in different farms in Boquete to protect all other plants from gusts of wind and erosion.

In 2004, Peterson discovered that there are coffee plants in his farm that produced extraordinary and intense cups of coffee. Thereafter, other coffee producers started to grow these special Geisha coffee beans in their own farms.

Some of Boquete’s Specialty Coffees

  • Sisel Kaffe

    Sisel Kaffe is ground coffee made from premium coffee beans. To achieve the best possible flavor, the coffee beans are roasted on low temperature and micro-ground as well. They are grown in this area of Panama, which is known for its natural sweetness and fertility of volcanic oil.

  • Hacienda La Esmeralda

    For its third consecutive year, the Hacienda La Esmeralda was chosen as the world’s best specialty coffee. This second most expensive coffee in the world is grown particularly in Boquete. People from across the globe opt for this type of coffee because of its exceptional taste. It is cultivated beneath the shade of the guava trees.

  • Panama Bouqete Finca

    To have the perfect cup of espresso, it is important to choose the best espresso coffee bean and Panama Bouqete Finca is the ideal kind of coffee for those who love espresso. It has the aroma of wood and deep fruit, plus, it comes with the caramel sweetness of American Whiskey. Compared to other types of coffee, espresso is very thick and it takes about 30 seconds to prepare. Since it is very rich and has a strong taste, it is usually served in a small cup.


One of the best tasting coffees in the world, not to mention the most expensive, is the coffee from Boquete, the coffee capital of Panama. This has been named as the best coffee for 3 continuous years. This can be attributed to the special conditions for producing this coffee. These include the soil, cool climate and great altitude.

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