Panama Boquete Geisha Beans – Gourmet Coffee at its Best

Panama Boquete Geisha premium coffee beans ideal foe great espresso

Great Demand for Gourmet Coffee Beans

For many of us, the thought of coffee makes stumbling out of bed in the morning a worthwhile effort. Without the promise of enjoying the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed gourmet coffee, we would be reluctant to leave the comfort of our pillows.

Espresso is one of the most popular drinks in the world; a special kind of coffee brewed by driving a small amount of hot water through premium coffee beans ground to an exceptionally fine consistency. Perhaps due to the thickness and substantial aroma and flavor that espresso possesses, many people assume that it contains more caffeine than traditional coffee; the opposite is true, however. The espresso process simply makes the most of each particle of coffee and drop of water.

The Majesty of Freshly Brewed Coffee

Many coffee drinkers know that the secret to a great cup of espresso is a particular bean or series of bean characteristics. Great espresso is typically brewed from a premium blend of coffee beans. The truth, however, is that gourmet coffee beans are just the ideal starting point. The qualities of the beans need to be maximized, by brewing them freshly ground just moments before drinking the coffee. This is the best way to achieve a truly great cup of coffee.

Panama Boquete Geisha – Premium Coffee Beans

True coffee aficionados associate gourmet beans with espresso because premium coffee beans are fresh and vibrant, and the espresso process is able to realize fully the flavor and aroma potential of the bean. There was a time when gourmet coffee beans, particularly the best from Panama, were the sole domain of the wealthy. Increased globalization, however, has made many of the most coveted beans (i.e. Panama Boquete Geisha) available and affordable to all who love the very best espresso possible.

Boquete, Panama – Coffee Capital of the World

Many examples of such premium coffee beans can be found in Boquete, a small and majestic town nestled in the Central Mountain Range of the Chiriqui Province in Northern Panama. What makes Boquete truly amazing is the sheer scope of the local ecosystem. This area of Panama boasts mountains abundant with natural resources as well as forests, rivers, great fauna diversity and even a volcano. The place is truly unlike any other in the world, and that has made it a wonderful destination for both tourism and premium coffee beans.

Coffee Plantations in Northern Panama

Long before Boquete was known as a travel destination, it was recognized throughout the world as a premier source of Panamanian coffee. In fact, the area is abundant with coffee plantations, and it is one of the most prolific and diverse coffee-making regions in the country, which is no small feat. The qualities that have helped make this so include excellent air quality and flow, consistent temperatures and a lack of big storms that could harm the plants.

Panamanian Coffee Plantation Tours

There was a time when the plantations in Boquete, Panama seemed very far-flung and distant; like magical places where wonderful Panamanian coffee was grown. Today, people come from all around the world to experience the full majesty of Boquete, Panama. Adventures include mountain treks, forest hikes and trips down the rivers, but perhaps the most popular pastime of all are the plantation tours. Visitors get to see firsthand how the coffee is made, and then they get to brew it and taste it right there in its local environment.

Gourmet Panamanian Coffee is in Great Demand

One might think that with greater availability and affordability there would be a decreased demand for Panama Boquete Geisha coffee, but that hasn’t been the case. In fact, greater worldwide awareness, thanks in great part to the advent of the Internet, has made Panamanian coffee from areas like this even more desirable. Better yet, coffee lovers are no longer limited to local retail channels and are able to order the premium coffee beans and blends directly through specialty companies that appreciate and understand coffee as well as you do.

The Joy of Gourmet Coffee – Espresso Style

For the true coffee fan, there is nothing quite like a superior espresso made from the finest Panamanian coffee beans. It exhilarates and infuses our sense of taste and smell in a magical way that standard coffee simply cannot. True happiness is about the small things in life, and sometimes it’s found in something as simple as being able to brew amazing espresso in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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