Why I Love Boquete Geisha Coffee Beans

Espresso made from premium Boquete Geisha coffee beans grown in Panama

I love my coffee. There is nothing better in my opinion than to wake up in the morning and head straight over to the coffee maker and start the day off right, with a cup of my favorite premium coffee. I drink a lot of coffee, and I have had many different favorites over the years. In fact I have different favorite coffee types for different drinking experiences. In the morning I usually drink something a little on the stronger side, like a Ristretto (made with espresso). For something to end the night with, I usually go with something a little less robust, such as a basic Arabica Americano. I do not think that there is ever a time not to drink a good cup of premium coffee, but I am picky about where it comes from.

The best coffee in the world in my opinion is Panamanian coffee. Panamanian coffee has, in the past, not received the attention that it deserves. Boquete Panama, with their award winning premium coffee varietals, has set out to change that, and has done a very good job at it.

Boquete is a small town in the highland mountains of Panama, and they grow some of the best premium coffee in the world. One of the best varietals from the region is Geisha. A friend of mine who is a tea drinker introduced me to Geisha coffee a few summers ago. He was always on my case about how I could imbibe cup after cup of what he termed rotgut, due to my habit of always seeking out the strongest coffee that I could get my hands on. He wanted to try to turn me on to something that I might drink, without trying to get me to drink his favorite tea, which he new would always be, a losing battle.

Panama Boquete Geisha has a lighter flavor than my morning standby, but that does not mean that it is any less robust. I was pleasantly surprised that this lighter premium coffee from Panama actually lit up my palette with a whole array of flavor that I was unaccustomed to in a regular cup of Joe. The Esmeralda Boquete Geisha that I had filled my senses with strong floral hints of cherry and even a slight and subtle taste of honey. It was one of the best premiums coffees I had ever tasted at any price. It had such a different flavor, naturally produced by the growing conditions that the Boquete region of Panama provided, that I almost forgot about coffee for a second and thought of my favorite beer, as it had almost a hop like quality to it.

Panamanian coffee was some of the best known to man, I knew this, but I had never experienced such a wide variety of flavors in a single cup like I did with Boquete Geisha. The closest thing I think I could compare it to would be some of the Ethiopian and Kenyan premium coffee blends that I have had in the past, but these were blends, and would never be able to stand on their own against the single varietal Panama Boquete Geisha.

Panamanian coffee is finally getting the recognition it deserves through growers’ international award winning success and the Panamanian coffee tourism board. I am glad to see it. The region has the best climate, the best soil, and the best growing and roasting processes, and what they have to offer the world cannot be reproduced anywhere else.

The main reason I am glad to see Panamanian coffee become more popular worldwide is the simple fact that I want to continue to drink it. In recent years, rising land costs and thriving ex-pat immigration have made it next to impossible for native Panama residents to capitalize on the coffee industry. Panama Boquete Geisha has been instrumental in letting the world see that the product they produce is not only better than much of what is available elsewhere, but that what people think of as a regular old cup of Joe elsewhere, is here, a flavorful, aromatic, and multifaceted drink that even tea drinkers can and will recommend to the staunchest of strong coffee snobs. I am one of those strong coffee snobs, and the recommendation was one of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten.

SISEL KAFFE, which is made from Premium Panama Boquete Geisha coffee beans is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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