Benefits of an AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress cheap and easy to use espresso style coffee maker

Espresso is a fantastic beverage that can be made at home for the ultimate luxury. But espresso machines can be quite expensive if you have a limited budget. And the process of making espresso can be a lot of work.

What do you do if you just can’t have an espresso machine in your home?

Do you have to go to a cafe every day?

What if the barista doesn’t make your coffee the way you like?

There is Another Way!

If an espresso machine in your home is not the answer for you, then take a look at an AeroPress coffee maker. It brews espresso-style coffee right into your mug. It’s a very simple, inexpensive tool that revolutionizes the cup of coffee. As an alternative to an espresso machine, it brews a concentrated cup of coffee in a very short period of time. All you need is hot water, ground coffee beans and this simple AeroPress mechanism. It will change the way you brew your own coffee in your home and wherever you go, because it is a very portable device.

What is an AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress coffee maker was invented by Alan Adler. He was frustrated with not being able to make a good single cup of coffee in a traditional coffee maker. Other methods were either too time consuming or complicated. He designed this device with the intent on making a good cup of coffee that took as little time as possible to make. The AeroPress device uses hot water and presses it quickly through ground coffee, much like espresso machines. The result is a flavorful strong beverage that can be drunk as is, or diluted with hot water in two separate cups. The coffee is not true espresso, but it is concentrated and has great body, without any sludge or residue that traditional French press coffee makers have.

These AeroPress kits come with a few pieces. The parts included are: a plastic plunger and cap, paper filters, a coffee scoop, funnel and a paddle. The different parts can seem confusing at first, but once you make it the first time, the process is simple and easy to repeat. This is a great and inexpensive system for making a good cup of coffee, and it is very versatile. Just take your kit with you when you travel if you want to have the same good cup of coffee when you go on trips. The AeroPress is made of hard durable plastic, so it will travel safely with you, unlike glass presses.

How to Brew Coffee With an AeroPress

Brewing with an AeroPress is a simple and easy process. Add a paper filter to the bottom of the plastic tube, and then add a little bit of warm water to wet the filter. Then ground your beans and add two scoops of coffee to the press. If you have a steady hand, you don’t need to use the funnel to get the grounds in. At first however, it’s a good idea to use it. The scoop that comes with the kit is made for the press itself. This press is designed to sit on top of your coffee mug while it’s in use, so it will deliver the coffee straight into your cup. This is efficient, but sometimes you may want to use another sturdy cup instead, and pour your coffee into your mug using that cup. This is best if you have a delicate or oddly shaped mug.

The best way to brew this coffee is to use hot water. Boiling water is going to be too hot for the coffee grind. So boil your water, and then take it off the heat and let it sit for about one minute. The temperature of water that works best in the AeroPress is between 175°-195° Fahrenheit. Add your hot water to the grinds and fill the press to the line on the top. Then use the paddle to stir the grinds, just once is needed. Then put the smaller part of the press on top and begin to press down. You will hear a loud hiss as the pressure is captured and forces the water through the paper filter and into your mug. Within a very short amount of time, you have a wonderful cup of coffee that is bold, flavorful and delicious.

Benefits and Tips

The first benefit is an easy clean up. Once you are done with your press, just open the cap and shake the grounds and paper filter into the trash. Give your press a quick rinse and it’s done. This is far easier than other coffee devices. Due to the filter in the press, the water presses just the best parts of the coffee grounds through. Your coffee will be crisp and clear till the last sip. Other coffee devices often leave a sludge-like residue at the bottom of the cups due to less efficient filters. The flavors are very strong because of this, so you can really enjoy the fragrant flavors of unique blends of coffee. The best way to attain these flavors is to pay attention to the coffee beans you buy, and to grind them at home. The coffee beans are roasted light, medium or dark, and different blends come from different places. So experiment to find which roast and which beans are your favorite. Always check to be sure your beans have been roasted within three weeks of purchase to ensure they are still at full flavor. Grinding the beans at home allows you to grind only what you need for each brew. This will keep the rest of your coffee beans fresh and ready for use later. Always buy in small quantities so your beans never pass the three-week mark. For the AeroPress machine, a simple and inexpensive coffee bean grinder is all you need to get the right grind.

So if espresso machines are too costly for you or complicated to use, you don’t have to sacrifice a good cup of coffee. Use the AeroPress instead. It delivers flavorful and robust coffee right in a very quick and simple process you can repeat every morning, noon or night. Experiment with different blends of coffee to find just the right blend for you. Or keep a few different types on hand so you can change the flavors up whenever you want. Espresso machines can be costly, and the process of using and maintaining one may not be your style. If that’s so then give the AeroPress kit a try. It will change up your coffee routine and give you more satisfaction in your beverage.

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