Welcome to Espresso at home

I've got a confession to make. I don't really like speciality coffee. In fact, I'm not too fond of the espressos they serve in any of these fancy coffee places here in London. In contrast, I have loved almost every espresso I have tasted in Italy. In fact, if I think of the most pleasurable espresso experience, I remember the cup I had in a pizza place opposite the hotel we stayed in Naples.

What makes the coffee in Italy much more enjoyable for me than here? And how can I bring that experience into my own home?

I have a decent setup for espresso at home and pull a fine shot myself. I have a specific profile that I go for when it comes to coffee beans that I buy, but even then, I have yet to get the same experience that I had in Naples or Rome so far.

So this is what this site here is going to be about. How can I make Italian coffee at home? How can I bring the experience of having a cup of espresso in Italy to the average home barista in London?

We will explore the basics of espresso, how to make a good cup of espresso, what espresso-based coffee drinks you can make, what equipment you should have as a home barista, and slowly pave our way to understand the difference between Italian espresso and third-wave speciality coffee and how to get the Italian espresso at home.